The Create More Blogger Widget lets readers easily subscribe and pay for blogger content in exchange for readership perks. 

Typical button which appears under blog posts.

How it works

1. Bloggers install the widget in Wordpress or embed at the end of each blog post.

2. They announce what rewards they are offering readers on their website.

3. Readers subscribe to a monthly payment. It can be as little as £2 and as short as one-month.

4. Readers are charged the 1st of the month and receive their perks during the month after.

5. Bloggers receive an activity report and are paid out the 15th of each month.

Why use Create More? 

Create More allows bloggers and their readers to collaborate quickly and effectively. It's an easy way for readers to reward their favourite bloggers and keep the content coming. Brand partners of any size or budget can collaborate with bloggers and promote their business.

What perks will readers get? 

Ultimately, this is up to the blogger to decide but it could be anything from private blog posts, customised recipes, special gifts, reader requested content, social media shout outs, giveaway and competition promotions & more. We bring the 'create more' button, the blogger brings the rest! 

Bloggers: get paid > create more. 

Readers: reward bloggers > get perks.

Example Blog Post

The widget automatically places a tasteful banner of your choice at the end of your post inviting readers to subscribe.