BA Blogger Promise

(Updated January 17th 2017)

A blogger/ influencer who has passed their BA Certification will be referred to as “Member”. Blog Authentic, the company, is referred to as  “BA” within this document.

Community Guidelines
When you become BA Certified, you are part of a valuable community with common goals. All members promise to follow our community guidelines to help us reach those goals and cultivate a respectful, professional environment.

Our 4-point Ethos

Every email we receive gets replied to. Every call we receive gets answered. Every hello we get is welcomed with a smile. While these things seem like simple and professional practices we've come to realise they aren't practiced enough in our industry and think that needs to change. Every email and call has a person behind it and we treat all digital interactions like the person is in the room not only professionally but openly which leads to a flourishing community where all feel valued.

We're transparent in all the work we do specifically when it comes to money. Helping to break the glass ceiling and decrease the wage gaps for younger generations to come will only happen when money is spoken about. We commit ourselves to monthly income reports and campaign transparency.

Whether it's through supporting great content creators within our community, connecting members with income through brand campaigns, or the knowledge sharing through our online courses, we work everyday to empower the women we work with to lead their most successful and rewarding careers possible.  

Each of us as members of the global community have a voice and influencers are privileged to be able to reach the masses. We support our members to be the change they want to see in the world with our #bloggersdogood and #bloggersspeakup campaign connecting non-profits with influencers free of charge once a month. We passionately believe even one person holds the power to make the world a better place.  

Content pledge
When members have the opportunity for paid content projects, they pledge to produce the content to a very good standard.

Skills pledge
They pledge to keep their technical blogging knowledge reasonably up to date, either through our training and support, other courses or self-learning.

Reader pledge
Members promise to nurture their audiences through respectful and positive interaction.

Community pledge
Members pledge to support each other where possible with producing content, developing skills and nurturing their audiences.

Certified Member Expectations

Members must renew your certification after 12 months, going through the validation and assessment process again, if they wish to stay in the community.

Application and subscription fee
A one-time, non-refundable, fee is payable on application for the certification. Once applicants have been approved, the balance of the subscription fee is payable before officially becoming ‘a member’.

Current rates:
£50 inc. VAT application fee (one time per blogger)
£100 inc. VAT annual subscription fee

Subscription is for 12-months starting from the enrolment date. Where the enrolment period is open for longer than a day, the enrolment date is the close of that period, regardless of when the applicant formally applied. If the member leaves the community before the 12-month period is concluded the fee is non-refundable.

Lifetime Members (beta testers)
Lifetime pioneers will have to go through the certification process but will have all fees waived.

When working with a brand
Respond to emails and calls within a reasonable timeframe, usually 24-48 hours, except over a weekend, during unplanned personal issues, sickness or on holiday (we would expect to see an auto-responder in place while on leave).
Members must deliver content to the brand’s brief within the expected timeframe, with the exception of unplanned personal issues, circumstances beyond their control or sickness.
Members should feedback positive and negative experiences working with an agency or brand, privately to the BA Team, so we can decide what is appropriate to share with the community or how we may negotiate with them to improve.
Members must report any difficulties getting paid by BA Clients. We can intervene and negotiate accordingly for all clients, whether sourced through BA or not.

Bloggers Do Good Program
All members (including lifetime) must prove they have completed at least one charity or fundraising project per year. Examples would be championing a cause on blog and social media, volunteering, raising money for charities, sponsored activities or athletic challenges. BA will offer opportunities to get involved via our community, or the member may have undertaken their own charity project for their blog or community. We will feature these posts in our ‘Bloggers Do Good’ section (this feature is not obligatory). We take no responsibility for the member while undertaking any challenge or activity, this is undertaken at the member’s own risk.

Public Community Engagement
Members must create social mentions for Blog Authentic at least four times a year on their social media channels. Ideally this should be once a quarter across either, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Blog Authentic also pledges to promote relative stories and experiences of the community publicly if they so wish.

Termination of Membership by BA
By accepting the BA Certification, you agree to abide by these community rules. We operate a three strikes policy for those who do not and the member will be removed. BA promises to fairly assess before taking this decision.

Termination of Membership by the Member
We will be sad to see any member leave us but circumstances change. Members may leave by notice of writing at any time but if they choose to leave before the 12-month subscription period has lapsed, there will be no refund.
In all cases of termination within the 12-month subscription period, subscription fee is non-refundable.     

Editorial Code and Advertising Standards:
It is the responsibility of the members to ensure their blog complies with advertising and publishing laws and guidelines for the country in which their blog is based. Therefore in the UK they should follow the IPSO Editor’s Code of Practice guidelines and all advertising must comply with the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code).                     

Copyright and Confidentiality
The brand names Blog Authentic, Create the Campaign, BA Certification plus our digital content, our documents, systems, methods and practices are subject to International copyright law. We will take action to pursue any breach of copyright.

By accepting BA Certification and becoming a part of the community, members agree not share private Blog Authentic digital content, our documents, systems, methods and practices. They must not share members’ details, nor reveal details of interactions at member events, online discussions or webinars.