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Kirby and Claire kick off our podcast series by introducing Blog Authentic plus setting the scene for the show's mission and purpose.

In this episode we talk about...

- Blog Authentic and how the company came about.

- Our ethos for our blogger community and the industry. 

- Why we must talk more openly money to make more money.

- Our personal history with money and why transparency is important to BA.

- How bloggers can understand their value to brands. 

Crunchy woo-woo challenge:

Reflect on your relationship with money over the years and where you would like to be. Do you know what hourly rate you want to earn? Have a look at what you're spending your time on, what you get paid and average out the hours to get a proper idea of your hourly rate. It may surprise you! 

Episode wisdom:

“We help our community of bloggers to understand their value within the industry.”  

“Blog Authentic support bloggers to grow their careers professionally. Our community will change the industry from the inside out.”

“Blog Authentic don’t think it’s fair that the content creators aren’t getting a fair slice of the campaign budget.”

“Bloggers must remember that the communities they have spent time building, with high level, good quality engagement are extremely valuable to brands.”

“If we are having open discussions about money, then the topic becomes less taboo and we can make the changes to our earnings.”

“The BA Certification is about bringing standards to the industry but self-regulated standards, where bloggers and brands decide together what is best practice.”

“Our podcast aims to inspire bloggers to believe in their worth and pitch confidently to brands on projects.”

“The best piece of advice I was ever given was by my grandmother, who lived through WW2. - Bluff your way into a job and just learn quickly.”

“It’s the most amazing feeling when someone buys your creative ideas. It’s a real buzz.”

“We need to move away from the idea that money gives us status and start measuring our worth with what we achieve with our work or families.”

“When we telephoned our blogger community, some were surprised as no outreach people had ever called them before.”

“Bloggers who work with brands are service providers and should therefore be treated professionally.”

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