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Kirby and Claire welcome writer and creative coach Vienda Maria to reveal how she manifests money, how she helps clients and how bloggers can help themselves.

In this episode we talk about...

- What we mean by 'manifesting money' and how it helps bloggers.

- The approach and mindset for manifesting money.

- Creating a positive impact with a blog. 

- Journalling and connecting with your true self.

Woo-woo blogger challenge:

Sit down with a journal and write down the question at the top of the page, "How do I want to feel?" Ask that question in every area of your life; work, health, money, relationship, family. When you start writing out the answers to these questions, you will see where you are out of alignment and what needs to change. 

Episode wisdom:

“Getting clear on what my relationship with money is or was, was also the breakthrough to be to be able to change it and create a better relationship with it.”  

“We all are terrified we are going to be judged on our income, whether we're good humans and successful in our work. When we dig deeper we know this isn't reality, it's superficial.”

“[The judgement on our income] is one of the reasons we don't like to talk about money. Because a) we're afraid we're gonna piss people off if we're making too much money or b) we're afraid people are going to look down on us because we don't make enough money. Either way there's a huge fear.”

“When you're working as a blogger, there is this natural ebb and flow, feast or famine. You can have months where you can do great, then there's month where's you make only a little. Bloggers need to be prepared for that.”

“We have got to recognise the impact our work has, even if we're not being financially recognised.”

“Instead of feeling the need to 'create content', I'm just sharing what is happening with my life right now.”

“Learning to value yourself is probably the most challenging and rewarding thing a blogger and/ or business owner can do.”

“In order for our world to change, the economy to change, we have to change. We have to take charge of our lives. It's exciting, it's empowering and we can be the rulers of our world.”

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