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Kirby and Claire welcome blogger and creative "comper" Di Coke to talk everything competitions and comping for bloggers. 

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How to turn a hobby into money
  • Turning your niche into valued expertise
  • Getting creative with your online revenue streams
  • What a ‘comper’ is and how they boost website traffic
  • How bloggers can sell the benefits of giveaways to brands
  • Tips for running effective giveaways on your blog
  • What advertising codes you should be following and terms you should display for giveaways

Woo-woo blogger challenge:

Think of something you want right now; a product you admire or need. Write to the brand, to tell them what you like about their product or range. Offer a review and competition on the blog. Be sure to talk about the benefits they can expect in terms of web and social media traffic so they can how their money (and cost of prize) will be spent.

Episode wisdom:

“Don't dismiss welcoming 'compers' to your website, your regular audience is not far behind them.”

“After having my son, I realised I was so successful at my hobby, I didn’t want to go back to work.”

“People are going to blogs because they want to see real faces. They want to believe what they’re reading. It’s a crazy world out there right now with ‘alternative facts’ online. ”

“A blogger hosted competition gives a lovely introduction to a brand or product to online audiences; it's often part review, part promotion.”

“A lot of what I do is about being happy, not making lots of money. I do it, so I can be around for my son after school every day.”

“I find it fascinating in the US that there’s a lot more positive attitudes about money from females compared to the UK. They're not afraid to charge decent prices or talk about it. I’d like to see more of that happening in the blogging community over here.”

“I think building mailing lists is really important for bloggers. If anything else happens to your audience on social networks, you still have contact details for your followers.”

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