We are proud to bring you this flagship episode with podcaster, YouTuber, TubeBuddy educator and voiceover artist, Dusty Porter. We talk about using the TubeBuddy browser extension to boost your channel viewers...oh and, of course, blogging and money!

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  • Optimising your YouTube channel using TubeBuddy
  • Understanding the YouTube feed algorithm
  • Making money through your YouTube channel
  • Building your channel audience
  • Keeping motivated as a creator
  • What kinds of content works in video
  • Effectively repurposing content
  • Finding your on-camera confidence
  • Getting a good shooting and editing routine together


Write down the five questions that you get asked most on a daily or weekly basis. From those five, take one and build an opt-in incentive around it. Take the other four and brainstorm how you can turn those into e-mail course solutions or products for your audience.Write down the times of the week you’re the least busy. Decide how many times you will upload video episodes. Once you’ve decided this, upload consistently for 3 months, then re-evaluate. So if you decide, Mondays and Fridays, do not miss a Monday or a Friday. That’s 24 videos or more, so you’ll have plenty of experience, if nothing else! E-mail dusty@youtubecreatorshub.com to tell him how you got on.


“With YouTube, blogging as well, those videos are always working for you. That could be a potential client or customer.”

“You have to be a creator before you can think about the money. If you think about the money first and then start creating, I really think your creativity and things you are going to make as a creator, will maybe not fail but won’t be as good as they can be.”

"Making money is a skill. I don't think people are born with more money making skills than others. I think it's something you learn over time."

“As YouTubers and bloggers, if we ever want to get to a place where we want our voices to be heard, we have to be patient.”

“Be consistent with your content. If you’re not, how to do expect to grow and garner an audience if you’re releasing an episode here and there, or a video every couple of months.”

“People want me to give them the magic sauce to be successful [on YouTube]. But honestly, there is no substitute for hard work.”

“You have to understand as a creator, as a blogger. Think of it like a tree, you have the base and the roots. As the tree grows you see branches beginning to sprout. YouTube is just one of the branches, so is blogging, podcasting, social media. You have to think of your blog or brand as a tree.”

“It’s always easier to improve on something than it is to start something. You need to get out there, start uploading videos.”

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