Kirby and Claire take to the beach to bring you a (windy) minisode introducing Create More, a new widget which gets bloggers paid for their content.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • How Create More works
  • Why we created the widget and payment system
  • How subscribing or paying for blog content is a growing trend in the industry
  • What the benefits are to bloggers
  • How Create More helps bloggers increases audience loyalty
  • What perks bloggers can offer readers who subscribe

Woo-woo blogger challenge:

Think your readers won't pay for content in exchange for perks? The widget is FREE to download and there's a button to suit most blog styles and tones. Why not give it a try? Install the widget, create the perks packages and publish them on a page, promote to your email list and social media network.

Episode wisdom:

“This is a chance to create an exclusive tier in your audience of loyal readers, which can be great for brand collaborations.”

“Blog readers are ready to pay for content, it's already starting in the US.”

"It's a great way to give promotional access to small businesses."

"Readers can chip in small monthly amounts, £2 for example. But the more subscribers you get, it could roll up into a nice monthly windfall for writing your blog."

Find out more on our Create More web page.

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