Hello World,

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many blog posts to come. In this space we're hoping to curate advice and inspiring stories from incredible bloggers and vloggers. There's a wealth of knowledge on the internet about blogging but some of it can be misleading bringing aspiring creators into the tough and rough path of "content confusion". We're hoping to offer here valuable resources that will keep you out of that rut and shine the light on the journey to finding your own voice and creative outlet for each of our creatives. 

What does creating authentically mean to us? It means original work, meaningful and mindful interactions (yes we're still talking online!), and organic growth and awareness

What you won't be finding on this site is advice how to "grow your network numbers quickly" or "101 blog ideas" kinds of posts. Call it "slow blogging" but we believe in focusing in on the craft over the quantity valuing a greatly written piece over the most popular retweeted fluff.

So here's where we open the floor to you! This site is about building the community so let us know the blogs you read that are authentic to you. Who do you get excited to hear from? Let us know what authentic blogging means to you! The future of this site is within the community that grows from it's creation so please say hello.


BA Team