Bloggers are becoming increasingly important to digital marketing strategies. And rather than hanker after working with rock star bloggers, it’s time brands start to consider micro influencers in their campaign strategy.

The beauty of niche

Let’s acknowledge that universal truth about digital marketing: it’s about niche. Consumers are filtering their information streams more sophisticatedly that ever and once we understand where to get this information, this becomes a powerful tool for marketing professionals.

It’s a beautiful thing being able to target brand messaging more finitely than ever to the consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. The influence is equally balanced between brands and platforms delivering the content; provided the message connects successfully with the desired audience.

Mighty Micro-influencers

This is where digital influencers, with their intensely active communities, play a very important role. Brands can insert themselves at the centre of their hubs through collaboration. But the mistake that many brands tend to make at this point is targeting the wrong types of influencers.

It’s important to consider that the influencers with the mega-audiences may not be right for your campaign. And that by engaging a handful of micro-influencers with potent engagement levels could actually procure better results than working with a rock star blogger. Through these niche influencers a brand can go from being a name on people’s lips to a much-loved part of their daily social media feed.

Build a brilliant blogger team

From an overhead point of view, yes it could be more cost effective to work with fewer influencers with higher audience levels, especially if you haven’t worked with them before. A brand needs to be sure that the blogger will reliable deliver the content within the campaign period and can’t risk spending excess amounts of time micro-managing influencers. This is where you need our community.

Our carefully selected Blog Authentic bloggers and influencers are empowered and supported to work as an effective part of your team.  

Firstly, through our unique Create the Campaign methodology, our members can help craft a campaign which will connect better than ever with blogger audiences.

Secondly, Blog Authentic brings bloggers together to learn and share best practice when working with agencies and brands. We help them understand typical campaign and agency objectives but also how to leverage their micro-communities the best way possible for their collaborations.

This is the new way of working with digital influencers. This is the BA way.  

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