Six months ago today I hit publish on that very first blog post "setting intentions" for BA. If you told me a year ago I would be at the helm of another business I would have laughed at you. After almost a decade of running a record label out of NYC that led to my retirement in the music industry in 2014, I was wiped out on "running" something. 

When I relocated to the UK I wanted to punch the clock for someone else, not have the stress of "being boss" and learn a hella lot of skills in my new passion of advertising. What I found though is the entertainment business is the entertainment business and my skills from the industry I had just left translated over perfectly into advertising. I worked on some incredible and creative campaigns in my short stint in a "big time" agency.

Not long after I settled into this new gig I was approached by a smaller more innovative agency to work with them. Moving onto a smaller team I took on more responsibility but during that time I started missing my creative community from the US. Two years and a little homesickness started to pop up. As I had been a (very inconsistent) mommy blogger from the US most of my network and friends were fellow bloggers and early tumblrs that I missed dearly.

Being oceans and time zones away left a bit of a void for me knowing I wanted to reach out to local like minded ladies, connect, and grow a community of new friends here in the UK I started looking for fellow bloggers. Yet, when I dove into the interwebz to find these new friends I had such a hard time finding quality bloggers. Thinking others may be facing this same issue, I quietly started Blog Authentic in the background while continuing at the agency.

Eventually, my two worlds collided with a brand project asked me to approach mum bloggers for a product launch. I had grown a small network via Blog Authentic at that time but, for the first-time I called on them to help out with this project. And this is where BA moved from a hobby into a possible business concept. 

Soon after that first meet up I took a big leap leaving the agency to work directly with that brand. Then BA became a "business idea" that turned into an actual business overnight almost with it's first client and it's only been up from there. 6 Months later to the date of that first blog post I'm happy to report this community is growing faster than ever. That brand project I've been personally working on for over a year is finally going public soon opening so many doors and opportunities for BA.

While there's only so many hours in a day and a lot of our time has been dedicated to that one project other areas in BA are under development also. I actually thought it might be a little early to do an update like this (particularly when it comes to the income side of things) but I got to thinking, this is the perfect timing because the company so new is at it's most vulnerable, raw, and early stages. And those of you that have become part of this community in many different ways have put your faith into something new (when it matters the most) so THANK YOU for that!

Business À la carte

123FRIDAY Launch - This is the big project we've been working on for over a year. Once this goes public our workload will shift to other brand clients and our income will significantly increase. A big milestone for us to cross with this campaign going live!

2016 Planning - Goals have been set, reset, and reset again. While this year has all been about 123FRIDAY we have some awesome plans in place for the rest of the year plus some sweet holiday time scheduled out (my wedding is in Nov!) for recouping after this big launch. 

Working On: 
123FRIDAY Followups - While launch will be a big milestone there's still weeks of work to follow. 

Free Email Course - We can't wait until this course will be available to you. 

Create the Campaign Development - With our first session coming up this fall I'm in the mist of creating our first sample report and setting goals for the session. We need to make sure no stone is left unturned for the awesome brand we're working with. I'm really looking forward to this day.
BA Management Launch
- So many conversations happening around this side of the company right now, conversations I'm so happy to be having because the ladies we're talking to are incredible and I'm honored they want to work with BA. Though I'm not planning to announce these partnerships until after the new year at the earliest. This is the area where organic slow growth is being tended to most.


Hiring Help - Gosh, there's so much to do. And as we start activating some new brand campaigns the work load will only increase. I'm looking forward to getting some VA help in soon and possibly some creative help too. I'm also in the process of talking to a couple personal business coaches. 

52 Bloggers Campaign - Content, we need content! And our plan to doing this is to send back some of our upcoming income into the community to write for us. Again something to launch officially the start of the new year. 

Events - Not much to say here yet, but in time there will be!


Income Report
First 6 Months

Client Work: £6,500
Passive Income: 0

Again, while we've been single project focused our income is pretty straight forward. I would like to point out there's a "stock investment" of sort into one of our clients which you'll see earnings from starting the next income report under the "passive income" section here. 

Subscriptions (website, web platforms, emails etc): £571
Google Ads: £50
(not for BA but a client specific project)
Travel: £600 
(I have renegotiated my client work as of Aug to cover my travel so this will no longer be an expense unless I attend any special events before year end)

Profit: £5,270
(aka Salaries at this point)

From the beginning, I've known I wanted to run this agency different than my past businesses. I wanted to make lasting change in this industry of Content Creation but setting new standards and working within true transparency. So, below is our first report backs to our community. We'll try and do these once every quarter so you can see us grow, from the very very beginning. BA is only here because of this community so it's only fair we share "it all" with you, even if it's a little scary. Please let us know what you think and if you want us to continue these updates below in the comments.