You talked. We listened. Feedback from bloggers and our member community is essential to making BA Crew work. We have redesigned our website (take a look and let us know what you think). Plus you asked questions about the certification, which we have shared below with our answers. Thank you for engaging with us!

What’s the difference between application and certification?

The application process and fee is a one-time event. On receipt of your application, you will receive a certification pack, which includes a link to send to brands for testimonials.  You can start this at any time. If you didn’t get through, you can reapply multiple times (although we will help you to make sure that's not needed).

What is the certification process?

We ask for three testimonials via a very quick questionnaire. Honestly, it won’t take your contact more than 5 minutes to complete. Don’t by shy about asking for the feedback. Most marketing professionals worth their salt will be happy to do it. And aren’t you a teeny bit curious how you’re doing? It could be a real boost to see it in writing!

The BA team looks at extra criteria in addition to the brand testimonials: your blogging style, how authentic your voice is, consistency of posts (we not looking for prolific posters, just a good pattern) and how you conduct yourself on social media concerning brands and companies (e.g. did you offer the brand a right to reply on negative reviews).

How do I know I will pass certification?

This is not a ‘tick box’ exercise for BA. We only open our enrolment twice a year, with 80 places, so it’s crucial that anyone who has taken the bold step to apply should be supported as much as possible to pass certification. If we have questions about the feedback we have received, we’ll be open, chat with you and figure out how we can help you.

I haven’t worked with any brands. Can I still be certified?

Yes. There are other ways of getting the testimonials we need.

Why should I share my contacts with you?

We need the testimonials from your past projects, as it helps us when considering you for projects with our own clients. That is all. It’s clearly written in our terms that we will never approach your contacts about projects. If they approach us, then we will let you know before doing anything. We have a proper referral scheme for our certified members, who get a substantial monetary bonus if we land a client that has been positively and willingly referred.

Why is there a fee for certification? Why isn’t it free?

We would never ask you to work for free. We’re changing the industry to value bloggers and the work they do. And the BA team work hard to run webinars, events and produce training and support materials to help you with your blogging business. At £100 for the year, it represents excellent value for money compared to similar networking groups. Plus, as we get to know you more, we build a reliable team to work consistently with clients on CTC projects for the £600 day rate.

I’m already a member of a few blogger networks, why should I join BA?

As passionate bloggers, we’re members of networks ourselves and love it! BA is about upping our game with more focussed support. It’s about investing in yourself, your knowledge and training and how you run your blogging business side of things. It’s about having access to reliable and consistent sources of income from people who don’t take a cut, because we’re not an agent but who know you and what you’re capable of. It’s about a community with very strong and clear values, ethical SEO, appropriate rates of pay and paying people on time!

Our door is always open for questions. E-mail or connect with us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.