We are excited to have a new face on board at Blog Authentic, as we take our blogger programme forward. Welcome digital content marketing specialist and veteran blogger Claire Jones-Hughes. She shares her vision for Blog Authentic and her aspirations for innovating the industry from the inside out.

From Claire:

“I could not be more excited about the work Blog Authentic is doing and the changes we are bringing to the rapidly changing digital influencer sector.
I started blogging in 2009, with only a domain name, time on my hands and a bunch of ideas. Being a part of this new wave of communications technology has felt like being part of an expedition for great discovery. Many digital platforms have used bloggers to beta test their functionality and once they are delivered for users to inhabit, it’s the top influencers who start to define how the platform is used, not always the tech company.
Collectively we played a part in strengthening the voice bloggers, creating trends in the industry but most importantly, championing niche and diversity amongst consumers.
Blog Authentic plays an important role in raising the profile of bloggers but also cultivating a professional transactional process, establishing digital influencers as valuable commodities with serious marketing prowess.
Working with digital influencers over the past six years, I have experienced this innovation first hand and been humbled by the unique voice and talent they have. It starts with a passion and a message they want to share. And through that passion, they build a community, those who identify with their message or those simply looking to broaden their knowledge about people and the world around them.  
It’s these committed content providers and community builders I am determined to support. For those wishing to turn their publications into a platform to connect relevant brands with consumers, I want to help them to understand their value and how to leverage it. I want to engage bloggers to design an ethical, transparent industry mutually benefiting brands, agencies and consumers.  
To me, Blog Authentic is about cultivating exceptional relationships between influencers and brands. Together we will change the industry from the inside out."

Welcome to the team Claire we're so pleased to have you!