Join us on a trip. A relaxing, refreshing weekend not about blogging but designed with bloggers in mind.  

Nourish the senses

We picked the city of Brighton and Hove because it is truly a unique city with something for everyone. Over the past decade it’s become a foodie hub with top-notch restaurants and eateries. And many of these cater for those following a certain eating regime or diet in a most superior way.

BA picks: Terre a Terre, Food For Friends, Earth and Stars 

Discover diversity

Brighton has always been a mecca for those exploring different philosophies and alternative therapies for the mind and body. Each corner you turn there’s a a therapy centre or yoga studio. It’s an essential part of the fabric and every visitor should dive into a new experience while there.

BA picks: New Fit Studio, Yoga In The Lanes, Two Feathers

Relax by the sea 

Despite the plethora of activities in Brighton, it has a chilled seaside vibe with plenty of quiet spots to enjoy a view, fresh air and a moment to call your own. There are plenty of seafront paths to explore; cliff top grass tracks, the under cliff pass, promenades, marina walkways and cycle tracks.

BA picks: Under cliff pass, Brighton Marina, Seafront Healthwalk

You’ll discover all of this and more on our weekend trip. Secure your place from £50.