The money is in the list. You just need to know where to find it.

Many of us, when we start a blog, we focus on getting the site looking pretty, the social conversations right and growing followers and interactions on our content. But how many of us give serious focus to our email lists? 

On our podcast earlier this year, our guest, Alexis Teichmiller from ConvertKit, shared a fascinating statistic. Bloggers using email are found to be earning 447% more than those who don’t. It was a finding from their State of the Blogging Industry report published this year, which conducted a detailed study of 850+ bloggers including their earnings.

Now, of course, being an email platform for bloggers, it was in their best interests demonstrate the benefits of email. But they also wanted to back up the user trends starting to show from their community and tell their stories. Email could be the missing power tool in your blogger business kit.

Where does this extra cash come from? It's not about selling over email but more about throwing email into the mix of communications bloggers use to grow and engage audiences. It has greater potential to convert readers to take action (compared to social media for example).

And it's these actions brands are interested in. You've heard us say many times before, brands struggle to get the engagement bloggers enjoy without parting with large amounts of budget. Even then, they have issues of authenticity with their voice. Many readers don't feel comfortable openly engaging with a business on social media. It feels less predatory interacting within a bloggers community. And even more intimate and exclusive interacting over email. 

The most important thing to remember about email is your list is owned by you. So when social media platforms start to tinker with their feed algorithm, making engagement even harder, bloggers still have that email list to speak to audiences. Yes, people can unsubscribe but at least they’ve been shown the content in their inbox. And bloggers can use this type of feedback to tweak content and shape a quality list of readers they can better predict to take action. This is great for working with brands. You aren’t completely at the mercy of mysterious algorithms.

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