So you want to work with brands but you think your website and social media stats are too low? It’s not all bad news, after all, you write quality content with conviction and worked hard to set up your blog, the rest will follow. Here’s a few ideas on how to sell the most marketable aspects of your blog.

 1. How low is low?

Firstly, the idea of low traffic or social following on social media can be a bit subjective. A brand would expect you to have some readers, of course, but the value is in how responsive that audience is to your content. Consider what a brand could spend on a Facebook advertising compared to a post with you. Even if they came up with the most captivating message ever, there’s is nothing like a peer to peer point of view to get people reading.

 2. Be strategic with your niche.

One of our recent client campaigns had to match a specific a market product niche with a suitable blogger. In this case, the size of their community was less relevant than the backstory of the blogger relating to the product. We needed to be sure they could approach the topic sensitivity with some first hand experiences. If you see a project you would be well matched for, don’t shy away because of your stats.

 3. Prove how loyal you are.

Many of the bloggers we have worked with have kindly continued to support the brands they posted about, with the occasional retweet or like. This is down to careful selection and matching with project but also because the relationship was respectful and professional. Those bloggers understood our project goals and challenges as much as we understood theirs.

4. Show your growth rate.

If you feel you don’t have a superstar audience right now, track your rate of growth. It doesn’t need to be ultra scientific, just show rough percentage growth (don’t massage the stats either, that’s not a healthy basis for a working relationship). A couple of video bloggers we worked with recently increased their subscribers by 50% in a matter of months. Which shows us they really understand which content connects with their viewers plus they are serious about their mission to grow their audience. If they grow, the brand grows with them.

5. Have a plan to increase those stats.

If you are frustrated at being pipped to the post on projects by other bloggers because of traffic or social media audience size, then take some action! Have a growth plan for 2017. Don’t over think the plan either. Simply grab a sheet of paper, list your desired (realistic) audience size plus how many likes, shares and comments you’d like on each post. Then underneath write a monthly checklist of tasks, which will help you achieve this. Review your progress at least monthly. 

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