Around BA these days we've been on information overload. Wanting to support you in your quest for the best career in 2017 possible alongside some pretty exciting announcements has had us pumping out the info. But we're a community here at BA and what's a community without a little bit of fun? 

Some of you already know from working directly with us that I'm an NYC expat in the UK. There's a LOT I miss from my hometown, bagels, the NYC attitude, central park to name a few but what I really really miss is being able to be a secret agent for Improv Everywhere. Over the years I've participated in many different missions of theirs. The best thing about this group? It's only purpose is to make people smile and bring random joy to the world. How great and simple is that? Below is this year's video from the NYC NO PANTS (aka trousers for my brit buddies) Subway Ride (aka metro ride). 

And because we're all friends here's my photos from past years, hey we even made CNN one year....well our bums did haha! 

2009 // Snowing

2010 // Prego

2010 with baby in tow! 

Have you done anything lately for just random joy? Not that you have to walk around half naked in the winter but every person has the power to add some random smiles to the world I encourage you to get out there and do it!