When we embarked on our mission to change the way brands and bloggers work together, we knew the best way to achieve this was to build a close, nurtured community. It’s not about numbers, only people.  

The blogosphere can be wildly difficult to navigate. There’s an abundance of bloggers with authentic voices and talkative communities. That is why when we work with bloggers, we look at more than numbers.

The foundation of our community is built on two key principles. Firstly, our blogger certification enrolment is open to bloggers of any size. We have certified members with audience sizes from 900k visitors a month through to 5k.

What’s important to BA is the way bloggers work with others and the professional values they hold. We look at their relationship with their audience and the rate they are growing, not the current size of their audience. We also look for passion in their content; a personal style and an authentic voice. We have seen first-hand campaigns exceeding their goals through carefully matching the right voice to the marketing message. It’s an art form; a kind of magic.

Our second building block is the quality relationship we have with our members. Certification enrolment is limited to 80 bloggers per year, which allows the BA team to nurture and support each batch of recruits, empowering them to be valuable marketing assets brand campaigns. As this quality community steadily grows, our ethos spreads. Which means our mission is on track.

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