It's quite clear the digital space is a visual world. Video and images are powerful mediums to draw our audience into our stories. But there is a challenge for a non-visual blogger: how do I source quality images?

By non-visual, I mean those who struggle to find or create quality images. The blogosphere is so visually competitive, it can feel quite disheartening at times if you're not in your comfort source taking photos or creating graphics. 

Yes, the technology has come on by leaps and bounds. Particularly smartphone photography. But a photographer's eye is not something you can 'upgrade' to on a monthly package! It takes a lot of practice and determination. And some of us won't have the luxury of time to practice. 

There are of course tools bloggers can use but free image libraries are becoming overexposed i.e. you may see your image turn up on dozens of other sites or social media feeds! Then there's the budgetary challenge - stock photography subscriptions can be pricey and may not balance with your blog income.

However, consider that beautiful evergreen content you produce. The posts which rank highly in search, which a repinned more times than my Maddona poster gallery in my bedroom when I was a kid. Those are the posts which visually deserve to pop. 

So an investment in a quality image will be worth it. It's part of your brand and as we go through our blogging journey we must always pay attention to our voice, our identity - which is our brand. 

Can we find a unique voice in stock images? Happily, we have stumbled across a solution for bloggers from one of the most reputable stock image companies around, iStock from Getty. You can invest in credits or a subscription, depending on your needs. Which keeps things really flexible for bloggers and that is absolutely key. 

The images you purchase with the credits can be used on their standard license which means it does not expire and can be used on multiple projects. Again, very important if you use these images as part of your blog branding. 

Their library is impressive too. It would most certainly guarantee you find something that hardly anyone else is using - although the pictures on a standard license are for non-exclusive use.

And yes, we do have an affiliate link but as you know, that by no means compromises our view. We are very selective about the companies we work with and share with our bloggers. We think this is a good opportunity to test this for your blog to see if it's the right fit (and maybe explore whether becoming an affiliate could be good too). 

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