Digital influencers have become an important strand to digital marketing strategies. And while budgets for outreach are increasing, brands continue to look for ways to target their consumers effectively through potent blogger audiences, to fast track the development of their own audience. For influencers, there’s never been a better time to evaluate your approach to paid opportunities and get yourself to the top of the list.

The first thing that’s important for you, the blogger, to understand, is niche. This isn’t something new; the digital world is about niche. Yet we still see a lot of focus on reach and views in blogger media packs when working on outreach projects. What brands really want to hear about is your audience and what it can do for their campaign objectives.

Consider from a brand’s perspective, what they want for their money. Depending on the campaign’s objective of course, but they’re most likely to want some quality content, which raises awareness but also comments, recommendations and authentic chatter around their product.  

That is why, the first thing any outreach agent worth their salt will do, is not only look at stats but check the comments on your posts, on your social media and views plus comments on your YouTube.

This can take a lot of time. SO if you want to jump to the top of their list, start tracking your engagements and make them prominent in your media pack. Not only will you have made that agency or brand’s life easier, you’ve shown how you understand your audience and essentially what they stand to gain by using you for their campaign. This is a winning pitch strategy in our view! 

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