We think 2017 will be one of the best years ever for digital influencers. So we we’re challenging our community to think about their dream brand project. Who do you MOST want to work with in 2017? 

If you build your blog, readers will come. I over-use this ‘Field of Dreams’ reference but do you remember when you first built your blog? After tinkering away for days with themes and widgets, then writing your first precious words, you sit and wait for the traffic to come tumbling in.  

And, after a few more posts, (OK, a lot more posts) plus the reciprocal comments on other blogs, social media networking, blood, sweat and tears, your blog starts to pick up momentum.

Suddenly you have outreach agents knocking at your door, all trying to get the most content output for their client’s budget. You bravely send your media pack hoping you’ve pitched it right.  

What if we thought about the whole process differently at that point? What if we challenged ourselves to pursue a brand to work with? A brand, which is PERFECT for our blog and matches our identities as content creators. It’s not impossible.  

Firstly you need to find the right contact to send your ideas to. Launching e-mails into the great unknown of info@brand.com is not a great strategy. The obvious route would be to look on their website, in case they manage outreach in-house or send a discreet request on social media, to find out who handles their influencer marketing.

If that doesn’t get you anywhere then search the trade press for appointments to see which agency is handling the brand’s influencer marketing, for example; “outreach agency brand Europe” “influencer marketing brand UK”.

It’s bad form to ask other bloggers for the brand’s contact details. You are putting them in an awkward position, as they’ve nurtured that relationship through their own hard work. Also, it would be bad form for them to hand out contact details for brands without getting their approval first. If a blogger you know quite well works with your dream brand, perhaps ask them to pass your details on with a brief outline of your proposal. 

Before you start with your pitch be honest as to why you want to work with them. Are you a good fit? Does your blogging style and focus match their brand message? Make sure you can prove that with any pitch you put together.

Get savvy with your lingo. Be mindful of your tone when writing mails and putting together pitch documents. Move away from transactional language, it is business but remember you are effectively asking to become a part of the marketing team for the brand. So consider using words such as ‘collaboration’ and ‘mutually beneficial’ for projects, rather than ‘hiring’ ‘paid posts’ or even ‘sponsorship’.

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