Here at BA we have a dream, one we're working hard to turn into reality every single day. The dream of a better Blogging Industry for all. This includes creators, brands, and the people whom they all work with. We envision transparency, fairness, and professional kind practices that support people to do awesome things. 

Sadly, we've found over the last year this level of professionalism is often not the case. But, together we have the opportunity to change that. We work hella hard for our bloggers and brands so we hold them to the same standards we hold ourselves to. As a business, we have the privilege of choosing whom we want to work with and how often thankfully but these things are worth talking about. 

The very busy first six months in business we were dealing directly with both bloggers and other agencies we've come to realize 3 simple standards for working with us, both on current and future campaigns we hold ourselves and those whom we work with. 

1) Treat Emails with Respect - To us when we take the time to email a blogger it's because we're invested in helping them in one way or another. We also know when people email us they have taken time out of their busy life to connect, we're thankful for each one of these interactions. If we've emailed you in the past and have been ignored or dealt with in an unfavorable way, we're not working together. There's people behind emails and it's time the industry steps up to respect that reality. 

2) Follow Through - In an industry that moves incredibly quick it's important that work keeps up with that pace. When we have interactions with bloggers we ALWAYS pull through on our promises. We expect the same from our community. So, as an example, you say you're going to put something on social media? Well, actually post it! And post it before we have to send you a reminder. If you have a deadline for one of our projects respect that deadline! There's nothing quicker to have us not wanting to send you work again than being flakey and making us feel unappreciated for the work we have sent to you. 

3) Communicate Openly - Since a lot of the work we do is digital via email and less in person these days clear communication is ever vital. We would rather have open communication if something is not right rather than sparing our feelings so we can face and fix the issue. We're not perfect after all and will make mistakes both personally and as an agency! We promise to always have open and honest communication with all our bloggers and clients because these relationships are important to us and hope all those doing business with us will do the same.