The way brands communicate with customers has changed dramatically over the last decade. If you’re an agency still expecting a relationship with content creators based on a public relations model, then you’d better rethink this, fast.

Why free content is a waste of everyone's time and money.

Firstly, we all want to bring more value to the industry don’t we? And by this, we don’t mean hammering down bloggers on price. No. We mean exchanging a fair price for quality content, loyalty and meaningful partnerships.

You may get the odd content favour here and there but how long can you run a business on ‘favours’? It’s not a robust business plan and with digital advertising spend increasing year after year, investing in decent blogger partnerships lays a solid foundation for a brand's online conversations and revenue.

Plus, many of the top bloggers keep a ‘little black book’ of preferred brands and agencies, in the same way outreach executives do. You want to be in that book.

The value of authentic audiences.

We don’t ask our bloggers to work for free because of the hours spent building their audiences. And they’re highly engaged audiences. Our bloggers consistently enjoy upwards of 3% social media engagement rates on branded campaigns, which while not impossible to achieve with paid social, certainly represents a great return on investment, considering the content is thrown into the price of a project!

It’s because a blogger is finely tuned into their audiences. Therefore, getting them ‘on side’ with your brand, propels your customer proposition further using their talented online talking.

New conversation. New partnerships.

The way we consume information has shifted. This much we can acknowledge. On-line we read a variety of sources, news sites, magazines and blogs and watch video. Content platforms are growing to the extent that many businesses struggle to keep up with. But bloggers adopt new technologies fast, out of necessity but mostly through passion. They are ‘people whisperers’, gently luring their audiences into digital discussion with their stories and honest flaws.

Agencies and brands need to understand where they fit into this. Some already do. Smart outreach organisations employ creative techies who blog in their spare time to co-ordinate campaigns and write creative. Savvy influencer marketing outfits are employing bloggers as creative consultants (*coughs*…us).

Find out why Blog Authentic campaigns are more effective than your average outreach campaign.

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