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We pride ourselves at Blog Authentic in the work we do. Every day we're helping change from the inside out what was once an unregulated industry. But that's not enough for us, we strive to do more and hold our community to the same standards. This is where Bloggers Do Good comes from. This space is a hub for bloggers looking to do good in the world with the work they do. We all have the power to create positive change and hope as the years come and go at BA we'll leave the world a little better than we found it. 

Who are YOU? 

At BA we believe everyone has the power to make positive change in this world in their own ways. Our founders are both socially active but in very different ways one hits the streets often loud and proud while the other is volunteer warrior giving her valuable time and energy for projects she believes in. Both do good work but in their own ways and both roles are vital and needed.

We want ALL members of the BA community to feel they have a role in our Bloggers Do Good campaigns from the most introverted to the most extroverted so we've broken our projects into three categories: 


Our activists are the ladies we know will hit the street and sometimes get angry when the topic matters enough to them personally. Not a role for everyone but truly inspiring in every way. 


Volunteers are the reason NGOs can do the work in the world they do so well. You find these weekend warriors getting their hands dirty and facing the real issues in the world. 


It's true what they say "money makes the world go around" and our fundraisers help use money for good. Giving their community an opportunity to help by sharing the wealth. 

Syrian Refugee Family

Join us on July 28th for a free webinar to first hand hear the story of one refugee family's experience escaping the war in Syria and what their life in Greece has been like so far. This session is an opportunity to ask questions first hand about the war and about being a Muslim refugee in such a politically charged world.

We encourage all people from both inside and outside our community from around the world to join this life changing live event. 

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Photo Credit: @marcusvalance

Donate to BA Causes

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We're heading to Greece July 2017 to help with the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis. Alongside a small group of bloggers we'll be working with various organisations on various community focused projects across the island of Leros.
Donate below to support BA in this mission.

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February's Featured Charity

What can you do for this charity? 
1) Write about them encouraging others to get involved
2) Donate either time or money
3) Feature them on your social media
4) Send them an email thanking them for all they do because love is what keeps us all going! ♥