Blogger FAQs

How much does the widget cost? 

The widget is absolutely FREE to install. Blog Authentic charge a 5% fee on earnings for administering the payments and the payment processor charges fee's per transaction all found HERE

I just signed up, when do I get paid? 

Bloggers get paid on the 15th of each month for support given one month prior. 

How do I know who has signed up to support me on Create More? 

We will notify you and send the details they provided at check out. 

What kind of Reader Perks do you recommend?

Ultimately this is up to you but we would suggest playing to your strengths and sharing your expertise. For example, you could write a private blog post on a topic, send customised recipes, send merchandise, downloads or special gifts, write reader requested content, give social media shout outs, help promote giveaway and competitions. 

How often should I reward my Readers? 

Again, this is up to the blogger but make sure you make it manageable and DO NOT UNDER VALUE your talents. 

How do I use this with Instagram, Twitter or YouTube?

The widget is only designed to work on blog posts or blog pages. We suggest making a landing page on your blog and embedding your chosen widget design there. 

Can I accept world-wide payments?

Yes. If a payer has a credit or debit card based outside of your country or based in another currency, they will see an uneven charge on their credit card, and you'll receive the exact amount in your account. The exchange rates are determined by the payer's credit card issuing bank so the conversions happen automatically.

Who handles queries about the widget and payments?

Queries about using the tool and payments all come to Blog Authentic. Any queries about charges and card transactions will be dealt with by Moonclerk whom we can connect you with.

How do I cancel my account with you?

You can change your email, update your payment info, and cancel your account HERE

Reader FAQs

How do I cancel my account?

Yes, you will provided with your own payers portal where you can cancel your payments.

How do I change my email with you?

You can change your email, update your payment info, and cancel your account HERE

When do you charge my card? 

Your card will be charged on the 1st of every month.

Can I change my support amount? 

You can change your email, update your payment info, and cancel your account HERE

How will I be awarded for my support? 

This is agreement is between you and the blogger but should be detailed very clearly on their website.

What happens if I don't get any reader perks? 

If 30 days pass and you are not rewarded your perks from a bloggers you can start our dispute process

Is your payment processor safe to use?

We use Moonclerk with Stripe which are both secure sites and payment providers. Read their security policy and measure here.

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