On a recent trip with my family, I made the most concerted effort to take a complete break from work ever since going self-employed. But being a devoted blogger, as well as running a blogger-based business and community, did I really manage to switch off?

Out of the office.

So no. I didn’t manage to switch off. But the beauty of blogging is that it’s FUN! And it’s an outlet. Although you’re on holiday, it’s hard to switch your creative narrative off. And frankly, why should I? I love that little voice inside of me.

To ensure I balanced the family face time with my love of writing and snapping, I parked all the mundane tasks for two weeks, leaving plenty of stolen creative moments.

It was a chance to open up new channels of thought, let the brain cells run free. But there’s still an alluring beauty in doing absolutely nothing…

The social media blackout.

It’s inconceivable for any blogger to switch every thing off completely. Isn’t it? Especially on holiday, there’s so much to share and talk about. But I so desperately wanted to reset my brain, knowing full well the benefits of ‘doing nothing’. So over Easter, the four-day weekend, I stopped posting to social media. My phone wasn’t fully retired, as I use it for photography but I had great fun exploring visuals and toying with narratives in my brain without the pressure of tapping it down and hitting send. Then ‘watching how it does’.

The biz bestie.

However…I could not have done this without someone having my back. BA didn’t burn to the ground because Kirby nobly and excellently held the fort. Which led me to wonder, is it inconceivable for bloggers to have ‘partners’ who cover their backs while we take a well-earned break?

I’ve returned back to my desk today brimming with clarity and creativity, batting the ‘to do’ tasks out of the park. Something every blogger needs!

Woo woo challenge.

We love to set our community a challenge at the end of every podcast. So why not one for the blog too?

Find a blogging friend you completely trust and who ‘gets’ your blog. Organise diary dates to give each other a couple of days completely blog and app free.

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