One of the things we urge our certified members to practice is delivering post-campaign reports to brands they work with. But how do we track this and what metrics should we use?  

Blogger outreach is a marketing investment. And a key part of a marketing professional’s role is to show the investment was worth it. No matter what level of brand representative you deal with on a campaign, they have a boss, who has a boss or an investor or shareholder who want to see that money is being spent wisely.

This is where bloggers can score brownie points; it does not have to be that technical. Mainly because the very busy ‘higher ups’ usually only want a snapshot to prove campaigns are helping to drive sales.

The BA best practice post-campaign report would show;

1.     How many people saw the content. This would be page views and social media reach or impressions.

2.     How many people engaged with the content. Here you would total the number of clicks, comments, shares from page posts and social media.

3.     Showcase the content. As well as providing links to blogs and social media posts, screen shot any original images or clips from videos you have created.

4.     Sample engagements. Screenshot any positive comments or interactions from readers.

If you're not keen to show hard numbers, you can show numbers as a % of your total community and then benchmark that with the industry. For example if your Facebook page has 5000 fans, the industry currently expects a reach between 800 and 1200 on posts with engagements between 120-200. In my opinion, if you have a good working relationship with your contact, share the hard numbers (they could probably guess them). 

To make this process quick and easy, set up a standard template, with your blog branding, that you can complete each time (in MS Word or Powerpoint perhaps). How much you embellish the report is at your discretion but obviously for larger projects with good fees, it’s worth going the extra mile with demonstrating how your audience has responded to the content.

Watch this space for ‘how to’ videos on where to pull the statistics from but in the meantime, give Claire a shout on if you’re looking to impress a brand before those are published!