Why BA is different

Blog Authentic is laying a new path for bloggers to come together, get work, learn new skills and find support. We’re not your agent. We are not a blogger network. We are different.

We are not your agent

Blog Authentic is not looking for a slice of your earnings from paid opportunities. We believe digital influencers play a bigger part in creating campaigns and defining professional relationships. So our payment structure is different. Each person on a project team will be paid for the work they do according to their role and responsibility. 

By supporting you to develop positive relationships with marketing professionals, you control the future income of your brand. This means you retain 100% creative control over your blog and audience.

This is crucial against the backdrop of the rapidly changing face of digital technology allowing you to take your content in any direction you feel. It allows you to remain authentic.

More than a network

Blogging networks are effective for peer-to-peer support, inspiring and sharing tips and resources. Many are the original trailblazers in the blogging world and continue to offer fabulous opportunities to work with brands.

But given the fact there are 1000s of other bloggers looking for same thing within these networks, it can be difficult to find consistent paid work.

Help and support is ‘opt in’ so while the likes of Bloglovin', Tots100 and BritMums produce quality resources for bloggers, you have to spend time researching what you need and be extremely disciplined about your self-education.

Blog Authentic’s community is structured to ensure 1 on 1 support as it grows. We will also only have a twice-yearly window for certification applications, keeping new intake manageable for our team.

As many of our clients are looking for particular types of voices, style or niche for their projects, our focus will always remain on carefully selecting the right people for the projects.

Our mission is to empower bloggers to confidently and freely pitch to brands outside of our client base and enable you to working professionally, delivering that content on time and as promised.  

But most of all, our certified members will have a passion for best practice and changing the industry from the inside out.