I am SO excited and proud to let you know exclusively available to our member areas is early access to the "rough" version of the new BA Podcast. If there's one thing my closest friends know about me it's that I'm obsessed with storytelling, podcasts, and lectures. Kind of geeky things...I know, but I find people's stories contagious with happiness, sorrow, and the full spectrum of emotions we exsperience as humans. This is also why I love blogging, while the delivery is slightly different the written word versus the spoken word it's all about the emotion and personal connections for me. 

Not many people know but BA's Podcast has actually been in the works for a long time now, over a year as I used the concept to enter the 2016 Podquest contest. While I didn't win the process of submitting and participating with the event was a lot fun and left me inspired to one day produce this podcast fully. While many parts of BA are my "baby" being the founding owner, this podcast is totally a passion project and my baby love. 

This first season is all about Money + Blogging. Without opening and continuing the conversation around money as creatives we'll never be able to make the topic less taboo or change the industry to help all our members become highly successful both personally and financially so the conversation starts here - money, money, money! 

I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know who you would like to see as a guest on the podcast or topics you would enjoy covering. 

xo - Kirby