Whether you’re pursuing your dream brand to work with or simply ensuring you get the right fee for the work involved, top notch pitching skills come in very handy. At our recent members webinar we asked Sally Gurteen, an experience blogger outreach specialist and Master Storyteller at JINGTea, what her top tips for pitch perfection would be. 

Make the brand fit

Before starting on any pitching, think about taking a tiered approach to opportunities in terms of what kind of content you are prepared to deliver to which brand. For example, for a brand you admire and fits your blog perfectly you may want to work flexibly offering added value content options. Whereas a brand who is looking to access your community for a one-off collaboration, you may wish to set clearer boundaries on what will be delivered. Setting up this framework also helps you retain your authentic voice for your readers, in other words avoids the blog becoming too salesy!

Do your homework

Whichever company you are considering working with, always do some research. If you’re after a long-term partnership or ambassador position, then start to interact with their content on social media or sign up for their newsletter. It’s not appropriate to ask other bloggers for contacts but there’s no harm in asking whether your blogger network has worked with them and for tips on working with them.

Find the right contact

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with politely trying to find the right person to woo with your killer pitch. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding brand contacts but you can also find them on social media. If you suspect the brand is represented by an agency, then use a search engine to hunt for clues in the trade press or on agency ‘current client’ lists on their website.

Build the relationship

Yes it’s business. But it’s also a relationship. Keep introductory communications light, succinct and friendly. Find a common point between the brand and your blog to create a memorable interaction.

Drive the project

Nothing gives people confidence more than working with a proactive leader. This could be getting creative, aligning your content ideas with the current marketing plan. Or prompting your contact to confirm how you take ideas forward and next steps.

Be transparent on fees

If you’re standing firm on price be really clear on what the brand can expect for that price. Prepare examples of similar campaigns and share the headline results. And while we would all love to up sell, offer a range of packages to suit a variety of budgets. For a first project, the brand may want to see how it goes before increasing their spend with you. Also, show how your content can be ‘evergreen’ giving them value for money beyond the campaign period.

Grab the full pitch checklist and get cracking! 

Watch the full webinar with Sally.