Hello Lovely Friends, 

I hope you are well and summer has been kind to you so far with many ice lollies and a ton of sunshine. Just a quick note today to talk about BA projects and a common trend I'm starting to notice within our blogging community - the hesitation to say "no" when we pitch you a project. 

For starters, try saying the word "no" out loud right now. Go on. "NO!"

Okay now that you got the case of the sillies out of the way (and didn't say it out loud) for real this time even if it's just a murmur under your breath *NO!*. There you go, feels good right?

Now why do I have you saying "no" to yourself in the middle of the cafe or within an earshot of your kid (who probably just jumped out of their skin thinking it was directed at them)? Because I'll be the first to tell you it's okay to say no when you are pitched projects and even more so it's OKAY to say it to Blog Authentic, on any work we send your way you don't find a good fit. 

We want working with us to be about accessing more freedom, both financially and creatively. We understand that you won't like, have time for, nor want to pick up every piece of work we send your way. And you know what? That's 100% okay. You won't be getting a big X drawn across your name on our list of bloggers we love working with and you won't be given a second thought about for future projects. If anything saying no helps us learn YOU better so we can try harder to get the work you want to work on sent your way.

Also, there's something to be said about confidence around your work here. You are a badass, you produce great content and you work hella hard. Saying no to a project doesn't change that and if you ever feel telling someone no in this fast paced, ever growing, and fluid industry we love would hurt your relationship with them please reconsider the relationship at all. You are the artist, you create the content they are after and that fact won't change one project to the next. 

Love ya ladies!