validate your work with brands.

Show brands you are serious about your collaborations and that your blogging 'business' matters.

We hire our certified bloggers at a £600/day rate for their know how - giving back to the creators who know their audience best. 

 feel nurtured and supported.

Blog Authentic is not about numbers, only people and real connections.

Our events include monthly webinars  as well as face to face meetings with brands and agencies. Our Blogger Vacations  deliver unique shared experiences between like-minded people engineered to inspire.

Inspiration is the best kind of content! 

grow your blog and as a person.

We only enrol 80 bloggers a year into the community so we can develop quality relationships and support your career 1 on 1. 

Our Bloggers Do Good programme creates opportunities for our community to get involved with causes they care about. This could be volunteering, marching or fundraising.