Greece // Refugee Family Support Trip (deposit) July 25th - 30th


Greece // Refugee Family Support Trip (deposit) July 25th - 30th

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Come together with other bloggers and their families to volunteer on the small Greek island of Leros. 

This Family Friendly trip is an opportunity to help the Syrian refugee crisis first hand. You will help to serve food, sort through donations, teach English plus organize play and activities for children. This is a family-focused trip where children are welcome to help in their own way at the support center on Leros. There are opportunities for those who wish to carry out more intense front line (and overnight) duties.

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Travel Details:

As Leros itself is very remote there are very limited flights to and from the island. This is one of the reasons we want to help particularly on this island, many volunteers and resources go to the larger camps while Leros has been historically left to help itself and needs help desperately. Because of this though it will be an overnight flight on the 26th (a work day can be completed before the evening flight meet up) with an early morning layover in Athens on the 27th. The return flight will be early morning/afternoon which making the travels home more convenient on the little ones traveling on this trip.



NOTE: THIS FLIGHT NO LONGER INCLUDES FLIGHTS // We can direct you to the correct flights to purchase when organizing your trip. 

Hotel Room 1 per Family or Friend Group
Trip Itinerary & Activities
Welcome Package in Rooms
Travel // Leros Island transport to & from the Airport and for day trips
Welcome Brunch
Breakfasts (at 7 Gates cafe) 
Welcome Night Drinks
Packed Lunch on 2 Volunteer Days
Farewell Meal (not including drinks)



We'll be staying in a local run hotel within the town of Lakki making all projects and the port (where new refugees arrive) within a walking distance. There are local resources for everything you would need including shops, restaurants, pharmacy, and (hoping it won't be needed!) but hospital in case of emergencies.

While we're staying in a hotel amenities on the island are very basic please keep this in mind, we're not staying in a four seasons but a small hotel run by a local Greek family so our money can further support the suffering community that helps the refugees coming to their shores.


Package Cost:

We're still working out the final cost but it will be in and around £600 we had quoted. If we ask to you to call and book your flight directly with the airline (we will reserve you will just pass along your sensitive info) then we will adjust the cost accordingly.


Organisations & Activities:

We'll be working with three different NGOs on the Island over the four days: 
ECHO 100 - A new support centre for Adults
Pipka - The family and unaccompanied minors housing and learning centre(run by locals on the island) 
Save the Children - NGO in charge of the unaccompanied minors


PAYMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS: This trip is set to take place in July 2017 for 5 days and four nights July 25th - 30th (this includes travel time). £100 deposit is to hold you or your families' place on the trip with the total cost *estimated* around £600 per person // children reduced rate and under 5s free trip place (not flight). Total trip cost is due no more than 30 days from departure date. Payments 100% refundable more than 60 days before departure. 60 days before departure a 50% refund is available. 30 days before departure date all fees then become nonrefundable. NOTE: BA reserves the right to not sell our services and refund anyone we see as not being a suitable fit for our trips.