Validated professionals.

Blog Authentic is a community of certified professional bloggers dedicated to producing authentic content and nurturing their digital audiences.

Bloggers are scrutinised through a validation process which includes testimonial from marketing professionals they have worked with on campaigns. We look at the way bloggers delivered those campaigns, not just in terms of the quality of the content but also their communication skills and ability to deliver on time and to a brief.

Not Numbers. Only People.

For the BA Certified scheme, we only enrol 80 bloggers a year into our community. Our community is small compared to other Influencer Networks, but don't be confused it's also fierce. This means we develop quality relationships and are able to give proper support for their work. In addition, we look to enrol those publishing a wide variety of niche content to suit most projects.

BA Crew.

Once certified, bloggers have access to a range of tools and services designed to empower and grow their blogging talents. These include learning materials, podcasts, training videos and private members are for discussion and sharing best practice. We hold blogger/brand in person gatherings with agencies and bloggers twice a year.

Hire BA Certified Bloggers Today.

Blog Authentic certified bloggers work with brands either through our Create the Campaign unique methodology or pulling together a dream team for your influencer project.


Our certified community currently has a potential combined post reach of 1.3 million plus many bloggers who are leaders in their particular niche. Our extended register of bloggers, has over 50 million post reach.